Ride on Cycling

RIDE ON CYCLING Coaching (ROCC) and Rider Instruction

STRENGTH and MOMENTUM Series – Groups Forming Now
Start Dates TBD / Weekly Location TBD

Bike Basics and Fundamentals – Cadence and Shifting 101
Interval Work – Circuit Training – Time Trialing
Drafting and Paceline Disciplines – Weekly Routines and Mileage Plans
Strength and Opportunity Assessments – Mental Conditioning and Goal Setting

Drop-In Workout

ROC Rider – $40
Non-ROC Rider – $45

6-Week Group Workout (2-5 Riders)

ROC Riders – $210 each
Non-ROC Riders – $240 each

Personalized Coaching and Individual Riding Instruction

ROC Rider – $45/60 minutes
Non-ROC Rider – $55/60 minutes

Post Ride Email Feedback (3x) + 1 Individual Meet Up (30 Minutes) – $35

Rider Testimonials

Natalie O’Farrell: ROC Rider, Associate Director – Programs | Campus Recreation, Jules Threads Ambassador

“RIDE ON CYCLING Coaching has put me on a plan for constant growth as a cyclist. Dean is fully aware of what motivates me and uses that to develop training programs that target my goals. Dean has made me more aware of cadence, appropriate gearing, and has given me the tools to understand how I can capitalize on those aspects when the ride gets “uncomfortable”. Since starting to work with ROCC, I am climbing stronger, staying with the lead pack, and recovering much quicker when and if I get dropped. It’s the best investment I have made concerning cycling.”

Pamela Patterson: ROC Rider, Bell Joy Ride Leader, Pima County Bike Ambassador, El Grupito Coach

“As an experienced road and mountain bike cyclist, I enlisted RIDE ON CYCLING Coaching this year to not only get physically faster and stronger on the bike, but to build my mental stamina and endurance while riding longer distances in a steady yet fast pace-line. As a Coach, Dean is knowledgeable, experienced and expertly skilled in sharing techniques that help me improve as a cyclist. Over the past four months in working with Dean, I’ve gained speed, strength, confidence, mental stamina and improved my climbing abilities while on the bike. I highly recommend working with Dean to reach your cycling goals.”

Full payment due in advance. Group Workout limited to 5 riders. Cancelled rides due to Coach availability will be rescheduled. No Refunds.
For questions, please call Dean Drawbaugh @ 520.971.7809.