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ROC Riders..

Lotta quality cycling and community involvement opportunities to be had this weekend.  Very cool!  All part of our Community, Charity, Camaraderie charter.  Thank you for joining where you can!

Weekly Ride: For those registered, this week’s Sunday ride will have us joining the El Grupo Fall Fondo Fundraiser. With Fun, Short and Long courses starting from the clubhouse as early as 7am, choose what works best for you and plan to meet up afterwards for the FESTA!  Let’s ROCk it!!

Team News:

Team Volunteer Event:  As part of Ride On Cycling’s commitment to volunteer and support our community via an event twice annually, please join me and fellow teammates by volunteering to support this Saturday’s Mt. Lemmon Gravel Grinder.  Volunteers still needed!  Volunteer options available at the following link.  Please contact MaryAnne Wiederhold at ma@rorfitness for questions and additional volunteer details.  Best of rides to Deb Huie, Natalie O’Farrell, Jo Roberts, Chris Steele and all the participants!


Ride On Cycling Winter Gear:  The online team store is open!  With a fresh new look and some hip new designs, choose from baselayers, two types of vests, arm warmers and a musette bag.  Thanks for your support in helping us hit team order minimums and looking to wear team gear on team rides.  Need anything additional; kits or gloves?  Please let me know and I’ll work to place a separate order asap.

*Online Team Store closes Wednesday, October 30th.

How to Make a Donation to El Grupo Youth Cycling:  How’s your fundraising plan coming along?  Have any new ideas or need any assistance?  Please encourage all donors to use Ride On Cycling’s unique donation link found on our team website on the DONATE tab.  Please ask donors to include your name as the rider they are “donating on behalf of” so we can readily track your progress against incentives as well as the team’s total donation.

Team and Sponsor Donations to Date:  $10,231!!  Thank you!!

Ride On Cycling’s DONATION LINK:

2019 Fundraising Incentives:
Much like last year, thanks to the generosity of El Grupo Youth Cycling and the good people at Fair Wheel Bikes, below are this year’s team fundraising incentives.

FREE El Grupo Fall Fondo:  First 10 team members who raise or donate $250 or more.  4 spots remaining!
$40 Fair Wheel Bike Gift Card**:  Each team member who raises or donates $400 or more but less than $800.
$80 Fair Wheel Bike Gift Card**:  Each team member who raises or donates $800 or more but less than $1200.
FREE El Grupo Youth Cycling Kit**:  A full El Grupo kit (jersey and bibs) for each team member who raises $1200 or more.
**Team members are eligible for one of the gift card or team kit incentives only.

Team..  As a Qualified Charitable Organization, the incentive amounts align with the $400/Single and $800/Married Arizona State Tax Credit amounts.  Let’s do our part to help promote and personally support El Grupo by taking advantage of this “Donate today – Receive the full donation as a State Tax refund upon filing” opportunity!

For questions and more information on this win-win tax credit opportunity, Kate Hiller and I can be available to help.  Thank you!

Sponsor Nights:  Something new!  Something social!  Join teammates and friends alike same place, same day ,same time each month as a show of support for our generous sponsors.

Batch Cafe & Bar –  First Wednesday of every month at 6pm  (11/6)
Tucson Hop Shop – Third Thursday of every month at 6pm (11/21).
*Check the updated team website at for monthly events, ride dates and details!

ROC on YouTube:
Ride On Cycling Website:


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