2019 GEARage Sale Results

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ROC Riders..

As the 2019 GEARage sale comes to a close, please see Rip’s note below.  Having only witnessed a portion of this creative fundraiser and undertaking, it’s a HUGE accomplishment!!  Thank you, Rip, for giving your time and energy so generously to El Grupo Youth Cycling.


Hello fellow ROC Riders,

Last year’s GEARage Sale raised over $1,200 for El Grupo Youth Cycling.  Really awesome for the inaugural event.  For 2019, this achievement was more than doubled, raising $3,008!!!

While 2018’s donation went to El Grupo as a whole, this year is focused on the little kiddos.  El Grupo’s youth program, El Grupito, is for kids ages 7-12.  For each of their fall and spring seasons, 10 of the 37 spots are made available via scholarship.  I’m super excited to announce that the 2019 GEARage Sale will cover ALL 10 of the El Grupito fall scholarships.  WOW!!!

Finally, the drawing winners for the tires and tubes, donated by Fair Wheel Bikes, goes to:  DAVID MAJOR and JOHN BAILIFF!!

Next year, there will be a new focus on support – stay tuned for more details.  Hold on to your bike and outdoor GEAR for the 2020 event = cash for you + donation to an amazing cause!


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