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ROC Riders!!

Great to see so many new riders and so many returning ROC riders with us last week.  Welcome and thanks for joining us!  We hope you enjoy the ride and all that ROC offers in support of our community and local charity.

This Sunday’s ride will make its way out west with a quick run to the airport!  Please look to join us at Starbuck’s at Ina/Oracle at 8am.

Ride Route:  From Starbuck’s, west on Ina to La Canada, La Canada south to Orange Grove, Orange Grove west and under I-10 to the frontage road, frontage road south to Sunset, Sunset west to Silverbell, Silverbell south to Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks north-ish to the east frontage road, east frontage road northwest to Avra Valley Road, Avra Valley Road past the airport to Sandario, Sandario south to Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks to regroup at the Safeway on the corner of Silverbell/Twin Peaks.  Leaving Safeway, south on Silverbell to Sunset, Sunset east to east frontage road, frontage road to Orange Grove, Orange Grove to River, River to La Cholla, La Cholla north to Ina, Ina east to COFFEE!

Team Updates:

Sunday, 3/31 – Madera to Mercado (M2M2M) has been postponed.
Saturday, 4/6 – El Grupo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt!  Let’s do our part to have full team participation.  Please see previous team email for full details and registration.
Sunday, 4/14 – In conjunction with the upcoming GABA Swap Meet, please help support fellow teammate, Rip Nicholson, as she hosts the 2nd Annual ROCkin’ GEARage Sale with proceeds benefitting El Grupo Youth Cycling.  In its debut, Rip’s GEARage sale raised over $1,600 last year!  As Rip makes details available, let’s do our part to help support and promote this major fundraiser.
May – May is for Mountains!!  Be it Madera Canyon, Kitt Peak, Mt. Lemmon or the Mighty Mt. Graham, each Sunday we ride and conquer a new peak.  Challenge yourself for some, one or all of them.  Remember, all challenges are both better and easier in a group!  Peak schedule to follow.





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