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Welcome Back to Ride On Cycling – 2019

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ROC Riders!!

It’s bike time!  Join us as we clip in for another year full of Community, Charity, Camaraderie and in support of Tucson’s very own El Grupo Youth Cycling.  With a few exciting changes to our team structure and weekly ride format, I’m eager to get back in the saddle and log some More Miles with you!

Our first team ride of the year is this Sunday, February 3rd and will leave from team sponsor Crossroads Coffee Company at 830am.  Weekly rides will now have both an A and B Group.  In addition to the two group format, please take a minute to review some of the other updates and team details below.  For returning ROC riders and new members joining the team, please have your 2019 membership fee available.

Ride Route:  Tanque Verde east to Houghton, Houghton south to Speedway, Speedway west to Harrison, Harrison south to Golf Links, GL east to Houghton, Houghton south to Escalante, Escalante east to Old Spanish Trail, OST to Camino Loma Alta, CLA south to Colossal Cave Road, east on CCR up and over Pistol Hill to OST, OST to CLA, CLA south to CCR, CCR to Walgreen’s at CCR/Mary Anne Cleveland, MAC west to Houghton, Houghton north to TV, TV west to Crossroads Coffee Company and COFFEE!!

2019 Ride On Cycling Updates and Team Details

Weekly Ride Routes:  Starting February 3rd, ROC ride routes will include an A and B Group.  Starting February 24th, the last Sunday of each month, ROC adds a mountain bike ride.  Starting March 2nd, the first Saturday of each month, ROC joins and will try out the OMSO.  The remaining weeks of the month ROC ride routes will rotate between 3-5 classic yet challenging team rides starting at various spots throughout the city.  As always COFFEE to follow!
Ride On Cycling Team Jersey and Gear:  As a ROC rider, please remember your commitment to purchase the new team sponsor jersey each year.  You can expect a few revisions in 2019 to our “standard team kit”.  Except for special events, please plan to wear your team sponsor jersey on weekly team rides.  If a new pair of team bibs is designed and made available in a given year, please plan to purchase it as well.  The updated 2019 team kit will be available in the June timeframe.  If your current gear is wearing out or needs a “refresh”, please let me know and I will work to place an out of cycle bulk purchase for the team.
Annual Fundraising Commitment:  It’s asked that all ROC riders commit to raising and/or donating a minimum of $250 in 2019 to El Grupo Youth Cycling.  All monies to be collected and donated to El Grupo no later than December 1st, 2019.  Team fundraising incentives, as possible, to be determined later in the year.
Annual Ride On Cycling Membership Fee:  For current teammates planning to return or for new team members planning to join in 2019, the annual Ride On Cycling membership fee is $50 (details available).  Please RSVP your commitment to join the 2019 team to me by *February 3rd, 2019.  All membership monies to be made payable to Ride On Cycling and are due by *February 3rd, 2019.  *Since new team members may join after February 3rd, membership fee timelines can be made on a case by case basis.
Team Volunteering:  As opportunities arise to volunteer and support El Grupo Youth Cycling throughout the year, your time would be greatly appreciated.  Outside of that, on two separate occasions each year ROC riders are asked to volunteer in local community or cycling-centric activities.  It just so happens Ride On Cycling’s first team volunteer event will be in support of the long-standing Tucson Bicycle Classic (TBC), March 1st-3rd, 2019!  Please mark your volunteer calendar accordingly.  If you’re unsure where or how to apply, please contact fellow ROCker, Natalie O’Farrell.  The second team volunteer event is TBD.  Please send me your suggestions.
Fair Wheel Bikes 2x/Year Deep Discount Team Deals:  The team at Fair Wheel Bikes is awesome!  I hope you’ve had a chance these past two seasons to meet the team there, pick up a few items and/or have your bike worked on. As before, stay tuned for a custom list of items Dennis and Ralph are making available at a deep discounted team price.  Look for bikes, tires, tubes and Co2 in bulk, helmets, shoes, wheelsets, nutrition, etc.  Once pricing is confirmed and the 2019 team is established, I’ll email the ordering details.  Thank you again, Fair Wheel Bikes, for your partnership and standing 15% Ride On Cycling team discount (excluding labor and some specialty items).  Team, thanks for shopping Fair Wheel Bikes irst and supporting ROC’s bike shop sponsor!
Facebook:  Take a minute to “Like” us @rideoncycling
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Return of Ride On Cycling – 2019 Video:
Team, if I can be of help answering any of the above information, please let me know.  See you Sunday!

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