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ROC Ride!

Join the team this Sunday for a ride way out East and way out South!  To help accommodate some warmer temps and a longer route (55-ish miles), the ride will leave a little earlier this week.  Let’s plan to roll out from Dunkin’ Donuts at Harrison/Broadway of all crazy places at 615am!

New Route:  Harrison south to Valencia.  Valencia east to Houghton.  Houghton south to Mary Anne Cleveland.  MAC SE to Colossal Cave Road.  CCR south to Wentworth.  Wentworth south to Sahuarita.  Sahuarita west to regroup at the market at the SE corner of Sahuarita/Houghton.

Sahuarita west to Wilmot.  Wilmot south to Julian Wash (The Loop).  JW east to Rita Road exit.  Rita Road east to Frost Drive.  Frost south to The Loop connection at Harrison/Valencia.  Harrison north to Donuts!!!


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