May is for Mountains – Mount Graham

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ROC Riders!

Thanks for joining together this past Wednesday to present El Grupo Youth Cycling with $5,850 from this year’s team sponsor donations!  Another incredible donation from a very generous group of supports and ROC riders!  Year to date, that bring’s Ride On Cycling’s total donation amount to El Grupo at just under $10,000!  Thank you!!  Now, on with the climb!

As the last leg of the 3rd Annual May is for Mountains Tour, join your teammates for all or part of the Mighty Mount Graham!  No surprise, the 20 mile climb is also the mountain used for the Arizona State Hill Climbing Championship.  It’s a most worthy route and soon to be one of our many ROC accomplishments!

This Sunday’s ride will start in Safford, AZ at the base of the climb just past the turnoff at 191 and 366 at 8am.  With some generous SAG support from soon to be returning and fellow ROC rider, Brenda Kazen, we will have support along the way at the mile 10 and 20 markers.  Thank you, Brenda.

Post ride is BYOS (Bring Your Own Sandwich).  With not much out there or open, we could venture into Safford for lunch.  Last year, we met up and ate at the park in Willcox.  I’m open for either idea, but will pack a sandwich just in case.  Yes, adult beverages are welcome.

Stay Tuned!
Team Jersey:  Ride On Cycling’s 2018 custom Pactimo team jersey will soon be available!  Once final approvals are made, the Team Store will open.  Please remember your commitment to purchase the current year’s jersey and/or full kit.  Some folks may need some new bibs!

ROC Rider Incentives:  And, stay tuned for this year’s ROC Rider Fundraising Incentives!  For starters, all ROCkers who raise their individual commitment of $250 will earn FREE entry in to this year’s El Grupo Fall Fondo (date to follow).  ROCkers raising $1200 will earn a free El Grupo Supporter Kit.  Look for a couple other very enticing incentives raising between $250 and $1200!  Along the way, remember to take advantage of El Grupo’s Arizona state tax credit qualification and how it helps you keep dollars in state and in support of local charity.


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