Welcome Back to Ride On Cycling

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Welcome Back to Ride On Cycling!

ROCkstar Video:  RIDE ON Returns – 2018

ROCkers – Get set to clip in for another memorable year on and off the bike!  You can look forward to new ride destinations and social events throughout the year, highly fashionable and new ROC gear, same great camaraderie and community involvement, and our ever-challenging ride routes and classic “spirited efforts”!!  But first, time to celebrate!

Let’s put our hands together for ROC’s revised 2017 fundraising totals – $33,990!!  No joke!  Thank you for a record breaking fundraising season in support of El Grupo Youth Cycling.  If you happened to miss their Supporter Appreciation Event earlier this year, El Grupo riders, families, and Board members alike gave a very touching and sincere thank you for all we do for their organization.  Thank YOU!!

2018 Team Updates and Cool Stuff:

Social Events:  More is better, right?  Well, you know what I mean.  Stay tuned for some new routes, ideas, adventures, and activities.  First up is ROC It Down Bowling on Monday, 2/19 at 530pm at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley.  Look for a few prizes throughout the night.  You know you know you know how to BOWL!  Please RSVP.

2018 ROC Rides:  Be it Sonoita to Patagonia, GABA’s Bisbee Overnight Tour, ROC’s Great Kitt Peak Adventure, Tour de Mesa, WEDU Texas, May is for Mountains with a 4-pack of memorable climbs, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango, Flagstaff’s Taylor House Century (Snowbowl included), the Wilcox Flyer, the 35th Annual El Tour de Tucson, or plenty of others, ROC is RIDING!!  Stay in touch with and check the team website,, for all the details.

ROC Team Membership Fee:  To help pay for this year’s Ride On Cycling team costs, there will be a $50 team fee per rider this year (Feb ’18-Feb ’19).  Monies collected here will offset Ride On Cycling’s annual club membership (League of American Bicyclists), team insurance (American Speciality Insurance), ROC website maintenance, team kit design and change fees, sponsor t-shirt and appreciation gifts, SAG support, End of the Year Celebration, and any additional costs as needed.  Please work with Brian Jackson and Karen Schwartz to make payment by the end of February.  Please have cash or a check made payable to DDraw Enterprises this month.

ROC Rider 2018 Waiver:  Please work with Dan Moseke and Natalie O’Farrell to sign your ROC’s team waiver prior to riding your first ROC ride this year.  Let’s work to have all waivers signed and collected by the end of February.

ROC Handbook:  Best used as a reference or a refresher course for who we are, who we aren’t, how we ride, rider commitments, etc.  It may also be especially useful to share with friends who may be interested in riding with ROC.  Please give it a read.

2018 ROC Handbook

Team Deals at Fair Wheel Bikes (2/4 – 2/14):  Such a cool bike shop!  Please work with Dennis Leiker, Cool Dude Extraordinaire, for all ROC team deals, discounts, and questions.  Stop by and thank Ralph Phillips; Owner, Shootout Founder, and Tucson Cycling Icon, while you’re at it!  Thank you, Fair Wheel Bikes!

Bikes – Specialized bikes, Road and Mountain, at up to 25% off.  Bulk order required.  Please talk with Dennis for options and full details.
Tires – Continental and Specialized Tires @ 25% off.
Tubes – 25% off.
KASK Helmets – 25% off with a bulk order to be placed at the end of the team deal.
FWB Shop Kit – Specialized FWB shop jersey at cost with matching bibs @ 25% off.
Front and Rear Lights – Niterider lights @ 25% off.
Bar Tape – 25% off.
Bike Fit – FREE Bike Fit with appointment.
Standard ROC Team Discount (does not include labor) – 15% off.

RIDE ON Returns:  This Sunday’s ride, 2/4, will leave from team sponsor, Crossroads Coffee Company, at 830am.  We’ll take Tanque Verde to Tanque Verde Loop, TVL to Speedway, Speedway over and up Freeman to Escalante, west on Escalante,  north on Houghton to Mary Anne Cleveland, MAC up, to, and around Pistol Hill, Pistol Hill around to Camino Loma Alta, CLA back to a regroup at the Walgreens off Colossal Cave Road, northwest on MAC, north on Houghton to Tanque Verde, west on Tanque Verde to COFFEE!
Welcome Back!



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