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It’s Bike Time!

First, congrats to my fellow ROCkers for a phenomenal, all Platinum finish during the 2017 Tour de Mesa.  What an outstanding day and accomplishment!

Now, for this Sunday, clip in as we ride a creative route out east, wheels a blazing, up, over and around Pistol Hill and back.  Our route starts from our 2017 returning sponsor, Crossroads Coffee Company, at 730am.

Upcoming Events:

El Grupo’s Bicycle Scavenger Hunt (4/15):  Be sure to register and join the team this year as we ride and scavenge in El Grupo’s silliest event and fundraiser of the year.  I mean really, who can resist accomplishing feats of strength and stupidity with close friends with lunch and a beer garden as our reward!

Once registered, join us at 7:30am for breakfast at Hotel Congress pre-event where ROC will form 2 teams, ROCkers vs ROCkstars, and gear up for a friendly competition.  Speaking of gear, be sure to fly the ROC colors and wear the gear!  Need a hat or t-shirt?  Limited few left and at close out prices!  Still got your ROCkstar socks from last year?  Now’s the time to wear ’em high!

May is for Mountains:  If you missed a climb last year, you missed some Big Fun and a great sense of accomplishment.
4/30 – Madera Canyon (Climbing Prep Work)
5/7 – Kitt Peak
5/12 – Mt. Lemmon (GABA Ride)
5/21 – Mt. Graham

July 15th:  ROC rides Flagstaff, AZ!  Stay tuned for details, but book your rooms now!


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